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Published: 4/23/2014

New Products & Services at amerimold in June
New mold components and training services to debut at moldmaking show.

Published: 12/28/2012

More Effective Mold Maintenance: It’s All About the Data
When tooling issues are shutting down presses daily and you can’t muster the mold maintenance and operating records to figure out why, then like the song says, “Who ya gonna call?” The answer to that question proved crucial to Cosm...

Published: 6/25/2012

TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight
Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

Published: 11/28/2011

Don’t Just Be a ‘Replacer’
To be a skilled troubleshooter is about understanding how your molds function, paying attention to the details, establishing a consistent troubleshooting method, and using historical data to guide your tooling replacement decisions

Published: 9/28/2011

Mold Maintenance Training Eases Molder's Growing Pains
Automation Plastics in Aurora, Ohio (, is a 32-year-old custom injection molder with 50,500 ft² and 30 presses from 35 to 700 tons.

Published: 8/26/2009

Enhanced Software for Mold Maintenance
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New versions of two software programs for managing mold maintenance were introduced at the recent NPE show in Chicago by Progressive Components, Wauconda, Ill.

Published: 4/1/2009

The Eight Stages of Mold Repair
While the mold was still being disassembled, two “cleaners” began pulling tooling out of plates and putting them into buckets in preparation for a good scrubbing—and I mean a scrubbing.

Published: 3/1/2009

How to Determine Maximum Mold Cycle Counts
At my first production meeting with my new employer, I was told, “We want you to establish a preventive maintenance program that is based on maximum cycle counts for all our molds.” Then, before I could launch into an explanation of how ...

Published: 2/1/2009

Why Not Just Let ’r Leak?
Here’s how a typical West Coast molding facility with 20 injection presses investigated the downtime impact of water leaks in the plant.

Published: 11/1/2008

What Toolroom Maintenance Supervisors Need to Know-Part II
September’s “Mold Shop” column presented an overview of a mold maintenance supervisor’s need-to-know priorities.