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Published: 9/25/2017

Harvey Impact Delays Startup of Some New Ethylene Capacity
While several plants have restarted or are in restart mode, logistics continue to be an issue, though improvement there is also underway.

Published: 9/22/2017

First License Agreement for Advanced PE Production Technology Signed
The Norner Trimodal Technology enables a higher comonomer content in the highest molecular weight.

Published: 9/21/2017

Resin Prices Rise in Mid-September
Harvey helps push up PP, PE, PS, PVC and PET pricing.

Published: 9/19/2017

Latest Post-Hurricane Harvey Updates Signal Swifter Recovery
Conditions continue to improve with restarts complete or underway for ExxonMobil, DuPont and more.

Published: 9/15/2017

PLASTICS' Chief Economist Weighs In on Harvey Impact
In 2016, Texas ranked third in the U.S. for plastics employment and first in plastics industry shipments.

Published: 9/14/2017

Harvey's Aftermath: Upwards Movement for All Commodity Resins Prices
Hurricane Harvey’s impact continues though some impressive production and supply recovery is underway.

Published: 9/4/2017

Harvey Update: Partial Reopening of Ports and Rail System Underway
Estimated 525 million pounds of ethylene output was lost from August 24-31.

Published: 8/31/2017

Latest PCW Update on Tropical Storm Harvey: Polyolefins
Several monomer and resin shutdowns have been underway with several coming before then Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Published: 8/23/2017

PCW Adds PS to its Weeklies Just as a Reverse Trajectory Emerges
Price hikes possible for PS; no relief for PVC or PP, while PE up in air.

Published: 8/16/2017

PP, PE, PVC Prices All Headed Up?
The push from suppliers is there but how much, if at all, do the market fundamentals support it?