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Published: 3/31/2015

3D Printing Filament from Recycled Plastic
Recycled ABS filament from a new start-up.

Published: 3/30/2015

Developing Tomorrow’s Containers: Inside Amcor’s R&D Center
How award-winning package design, full-service laboratory facilities, and game-changing process development support a world-class injection and blow molder.

Published: 3/30/2015

Recycling Conference Focuses on Changing Recycle Streams
E-plastics study shines light on a growing segment of recycling—its makeup, collection rates, and end-uses.

Published: 2/23/2015

MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES AT NPE: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, and Sustainability
Lots of news in engineering thermoplastic compounds, TPEs, and purging agents, plus a wide range of colorants and additives.

Published: 1/9/2015

Wellman Plastics Recycling Part Of Shanghai Prett Composites
Wellman Plastics Recycling is being acquired by automotive plastics compounder Shanghai Pret Composites.

Published: 1/7/2015

Recycled Resin Prices Plummet
Oil prices are the reason. The effect could be less collection of recycled plastics.

Published: 10/8/2014

RPET Supply & Prices Stable
Fourth-quarter RPET should not see any big moves.

Published: 7/28/2014

Novel Tooling, New Materials Highlight Thermoplastic Composite Advances
Conference showcases new developments in equipment and materials for more efficient production of automotive thermoplastic composites parts.

Published: 4/8/2014

RPET Pricing Up in the East, Down in the West
The problem is soft demand in the West and reduced supplies in the East.

Published: 3/27/2014

APPLICATION: First North American Recycle-Content PS Foam Food Tray Makes Debut
Containing 25% recycled PS, new Evoc packaging is being used in most of the line of fresh products from poultry cooperative Exceldor.