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Published: 3/29/2013

RPET Prices Come Full Circle
WEB EXCLUSIVE: RPET prices in the first quarter fluctuated but mostly ended up where they started.

Published: 12/28/2012

Pallets, Pellets Use Old Tires as Feedstock
Custom injection and compression molder CTC Plastics, Dayton, Ohio, recently rolled out a line of pallets and will be supplying the resin compounds used to make them as well.

Published: 12/27/2012

Low Prices Won’t Last
2012 brought lower prices across the board to buyers of recycled materials.

Published: 10/1/2012

R-PET Pricing Stable for Now
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Recycled PET orders are starting to pick up, and prices are beginning to stabilize.

Published: 10/1/2012

MGP Bioplastics Launches High-Heat Biodegradable Resin
The Bioplastics Div.of MGP Ingredients, Inc., Atchinson, Kan., has expanded its portfolio of Terratek renewable-content plastics with a new line of biodegradable compounds.

Published: 6/27/2012

Recycled Plastics Prices Unstable In First Half of 2012
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Recycled plastic prices are plummeting as virgin materials’ prices slide lower and lower.

Published: 4/28/2012

MATERIALS AT NPE: All Market Sectors Benefit from Large Crop of New Materials
Higher-performance and easier processing PE film resins for packaging, a one-pass crosslinked PE for photovoltaic (PV) wire and cable, several higher-performing nylons and TPEs, “greener” plastics, and enhanced styrenic and PC resins are...

Published: 3/28/2012

RPET Prices Follow Oil and Virgin Resin Prices Upwards
RPET prices were sliding lower at the end of 2011, but they began the climb back up by mid-January.

Published: 2/23/2012

Materials & Additives at NPE: Performance, Processability, And Sustainability
Bioplastics take center stage.