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Published: 6/15/2017

INJECTION MOLDING: Small, Economical Robot
Designed for injection presses of 20 to 80 tons.

Published: 4/18/2017

INJECTION MOLDING: New Line of Small Robots
Linear servo robots carry 11 to 33 lb, boast clean new design.

Published: 3/7/2017

AUTOMATION: Cobot Adds a 7th Axis
In what it calls a first iteration collaborative 7th axis, Universal Robots (UR) showcased one of its 6-axis robot arms mounted to a linear actuator in a faux machine-tending display at Plastec West.

Published: 9/23/2016

INJECTION MOLDING New Drive, Control, Robot And Injection Unit Bow in at K 2016
The big news is a new controller equipped for Industry 4.0.

Published: 8/25/2016

INJECTION MOLDING: New Robots & Automation Solutions Coming to K 2016 Show
Look for modular automation systems, new controls, and new robots and pickers.

Published: 7/23/2016

INJECTION MOLDING: New Robot & Servo Picker at K 2016
A four-axis SCARA type and a versatile picker join Engel's line.

Published: 1/12/2016

MATERIALS: PP Powder for Laser-Sintered Robot Grippers
Light weight, toughness, and lack of water absorption are advantages.

Published: 10/23/2015

AUXILIARIES: New Loaders, Granulators, Dryers & More at Fakuma Show
AUXILIARIES: New Loaders, Granulators, Dryers & More at Fakuma Show

Published: 9/28/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Robot EOAT Quick-Change System
Color-coded locking information provides visual confirmation.

Published: 7/23/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Engel Unveils Robots, Software at Austrian Open House
Six-axis giants for presses up to 5500 tons, and new in-cycle holding-pressure control.