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Published: 7/31/2012

BLOW MOLDING: All-In-One System Now Runs Faster
Sidel’s aseptic Combi Predis FMa technology—which combines PET bottle blowing, filling, and capping in a single system—is now available in a high-speed version that handles up to 48,000 bottles/hr for small containers of up to 700 ...

Published: 2/1/2012

BLOW MOLDING: Reheat Machine Has Electric Stretching
The SBO Compact2 reheat stretch-blow molding machine from Sidel, Norcross, Ga., features a newly developed stretching system for the preform.

Published: 12/28/2011

BLOW MOLDING: Detect Costly Air Leaks in Stretch-Blow Molding
An upgraded version of the LeakMonitor has been introduced by Plastic Technologies, Inc.(PTI), Holland, Ohio.

Published: 12/1/2011

MATERIALS: New Blow Molding Resins at SPE Conference
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new materials were presented at the recent SPE Annual Blow Molding Conference in Chicago.

Published: 2/25/2011

MATERIALS: Heinz Ketchup Converts to Biobased Bottle
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The sauce is red, but the new bottle is green—that is, based partly on renewable, plant-based feedstocks.

Published: 2/5/2011

BLOW MOLDING: Foamed PET Bottles for Beer
 WEB EXCLUSIVE: Now the foam isn’t just on top of the beer, it’s all around it.

Published: 1/4/2011

Blow Molding: Change PET Bottle Molds in Under a Minute—November 2010
The Bottle Switch is a patented quick-change system from Sidel (U.S. office in Norcross, Ga.) that reduces PET mold-change times to less than a minute.

Published: 1/1/2010

New Milestones for Hot-Fill Bottles
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Smallest, lightest, hottest—the past year has seen three “firsts” for hot-fill PET containers.

Published: 11/1/2009

PET Wall Measurements Control Bottle Blowing
The Process Pilot closed-loop blow molding control software from AGR International, Butler, Pa., is a real-time process management program that works in conjunction with the company’s PETWall Profi ler system to automatePET bottle production.