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Published: 1/20/2016

U.S.-Made High-Melt-Strength PP Tackles Wide Range of Applications
Total’s new HMS-PP signals both increased interest in the material and a source of domestic production.

Published: 12/21/2015

Top of the Class: Meet 2015’s World-Class Processors
Plastics Technology’s inaugural group of World-Class Processors—selected through an exclusive benchmarking survey—spans geographies, markets, processes, and materials. Diverse in size and capabilities, these companies have one key trait in common: e...

Published: 12/21/2015

Processors’ Equipment Investment Plans Remain Strong in 2016
Gardner’s exclusive research forecasts total spending on primary processing and auxiliary equipment at its highest level since 2008.

Published: 11/23/2015

Process Adds Glass Barrier Layer to PP Tub
Believed to be a first for PP thermoforming.

Published: 11/23/2015

New Process for Fiber-Reinforced Sheet
Thermoplastics sheets reinforced with discontinuous fibers are suitable for thermoforming or compression molding.

Published: 10/29/2015

Plastics Pioneers Association Adds Three to Membership Roster
Bruner, Goldsberry and Shoemaker added to ranks of group.

Published: 9/27/2015

‘Wearable’ Machine Sensors Extended to Power Factor & Retrofits
As is often the case with a new technology, customers are dictating how predictive-maintenance sensors will be applied and where they might be headed next.

Published: 9/25/2015

R&D Thermoformer: Tek Pak Is Launch Pad For New Products
Toolmaker and thermoformer takes concepts to production-ready parts in record time.

Published: 9/16/2015

SPE Announces Winners of Thermoforming Parts Competition
More than 30 parts submitted for annual contest at SPE thermoforming conference.

Published: 9/4/2015

New BOPP Just For IML Thermoforming
Said to deliver a look and feel comparable to injection-molded products.