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Published: 9/15/2016

MATERIALS: Soft-Touch TPEs Boast Superior Silky Feel
Interaction between touch, functionality and wearability plays role in product design and brand aesthetics, particularly in wearables.

Published: 6/24/2016

MATERIALS: Lubricated TPV Challenges Rubber in Seals & Gaskets
Teknor Apex's new Sarlink TPV boasts superior processability and greater long-term sealing force.

Published: 5/23/2016

MATERIALS: Expanded Range of LSRs for Medical Devices
Dow Corning's two new series of LSRs further expands its portfolio of medical-grade silicone elastomers.

Published: 3/11/2016

TESTING: Thermal Analysis Tester Elevates Performance and Efficiency
TA Instruments' new DSC systems have enhanced sensing technologies for thermal analysis of polymers and biomaterials.

Published: 3/10/2016

MATERIALS: SEBS for Soft-Touch Medical Devices
Foster's ProFlex SEBS offers low-cost alternative to other TPEs.

Published: 3/10/2016

MATERIALS: TPEs for Auto Interiors with Improved Antifogging and More
PolyOne's new OnFlex LO boasts reduced VOCs, improved anti-fogging and low-odor performance.

Published: 2/24/2016

APPLICATION: PC/ABS and TPU Offer Biocompatibility, Durability to Mobile Patient Monitor
Continuous patient-monitoring systems require materials that are durable enough to protect interior components but will not irritate the patient’s skin.

Published: 2/9/2016

MATERIALS: TPEs Have Enhanced Resistance to Antiseptic Cleaners
PolyOne's Versaflex HC overmolding TPEs for medical devices also have excellent bonding to other key plastics.

Published: 2/5/2016

MATERIALS: Soft-Touch TPEs With Lustrous Metallic Effects
PolyOne's new GLS TPEs combine a silky feel with gleaming metallic color.

Published: 10/2/2015

MATERIALS: High-Flow Styrenic TPEs for Auto Interiors
Teknor's new styrenic TPEs are said to be ideal for auto interior components where TPVs may be "over engineered".