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Published: 3/24/2004

Purified Cellulose Fibers Show Promise In Reinforced Thermoplastics
Purified cellulose fibers could be the next lightweight reinforcements for thermoplastics.

Published: 3/23/2004

NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: Compounding
Compounding news at NPE included a wealth of new batch and continuous machines to mix in high loadings of wood flour, glass fiber, carbon black, and more exotic fillers.

Published: 3/23/2004

NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: Extrusion
At this year’s NPE, new processes to put wood flour into plastic were virtually everywhere—several even start with undried flour.

Published: 3/23/2004

NPE Newsfinder: Compounding and Mixing
For the second straight NPE show, the focus in compounding is on twin-screw machines that deliver more speed and torque—thus more output—than ever before. No fewer than six suppliers of twin-screw compounders are showing such machines. There’s somet...

Published: 3/23/2004

Close-Up: Materials

Published: 3/22/2004

NPE Newsfinder: Extrusion
NPE will show higher outputs of practically everything, as advances in grooved feeds, servo drives, screw torque, mixing screws, dies, and downstream cooling, cutting, and handling make everything run faster.

Published: 3/22/2004

Wood Tubes Close-Up
Hollow tubing with a high loading of wood fiber is one of the newest products—and one of the trickiest—in the booming business of wood-filled thermoplastic extrusion.

Published: 3/1/2004

Family Lumber Business Turns To Plastics
Five years ago, Quality Wood Treating in Prairie Du Chien, Wis., was a 30-year-old family lumber business and one of the largest wood pressure-treaters in the country.

Published: 9/1/2003

NPE News Wrap-Up: Compounding
For nano-, long-glass, and wood composites, exhibitors presented new systems with four screws, tandem twin-screws, and twin-plus-single-screw combinations