PT ZONE: Resin Conveying

MATERIALS HANDLING: Compact Deduster targets Injection Molding
Redesigned deduster developed specifically for injection molding and more. More (+)
MATERIALS HANDLING: High-Intensity Separation Conveyor Removes Metal Chips
Conveyor removes small work-hardened 300 stainless steel and paramagnetic chips from shredded and ground plastic. More (+)


MATERIALS HANDLING: Hose Loads Materials, Dissipates Static

Hose dissipates static charge in extremely high-static material-transfer applications.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Capacitive Level Sensors

Detects product level and ignores dust build-up.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Two Options for Trapping Angel Hair

Square traps and inline traps are available.

Wet Grinder Washes Away Paper Labels

At NPE 2015, Zimmer America will feature new STF Group's wet grinder that can dissolve around 95% of paper labels during shredding.

Put the Brakes on Resin Conveying Speed to Minimize System Maintenance

Here’s how to manage pneumatic conveying speeds to extend equipment life and reduce material waste in your plant.

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Resin Conveying


An automated system that moves material from a central point(s) to the processing machine(s). Current systems use one or more strong vacuum pumps to create an airstream in which resin can be transferred from one or more sources to one or more destinations.

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