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Understanding the Effects of Paint On Plastics
Paint can have significant effects on mechanical properties of plastic parts. As illustrated by this OEM’s procedure in developing new-generation outboard-motor covers, there’s no substitute for thorough testing. More (+)
DECORATING: MPS Launches High-End Flexo Press
A high-quality flexographic press with a choice of plate rolls or print sleeves is now available in North America. More (+)

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Packaging: Food Container Relies on IML for Oxygen Barrier

Barrier coextruded in-mold label protects pasta sauce in injection molded tub.

Want To Know More About The Broad Options For Plastics Decoration and Surface Treatment?

New book analyzes recent trends in decoration and surface treatment of thermoplastics.

‘Sqrounds’, ‘billboard’, and why in-mold labeling is starting to take off

An increasingly popular packaging format, which lends itself to IML, could help the decoration technology finally take off in North America.

DECORATING: Hand-Held Barcode Scanner Integrated Into Inkjet And Pad Printers

The installation of a barcode scanner in a printing system eliminates the risk of improper parameters being loaded when changing from one print job to the next.

DECORATING: Economical Dry-Offset Strap Printer

The same high-quality print is offered by a simpler dry-offset plastic strap printer as its larger brethren.

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Decorating, Printing, Finishing


Post-processing operations such as decorating, printing and finishing turn semi-finished parts into finished goods. Decorating options include hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, heat transfers, in-mold decorating.

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