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MATERIALS: Injection-Moldable Thermoplastic Composites Boast To Be Strongest Yet
Piper Plastics' new thermoplastic composites are said to bridge the gap between standard reinforced thermoplastic compounds and pre-preg lay-up composites. More (+)
MATERIALS: Long-Glass and Heat-Conductive PPS
Automotive compounds for structural uses and electric-motor heat sinks. More (+)

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Study Urges Companies To Disclose Data On Plastic

Companies could become more sustainable by improving the way they measure, manage and report the amount of plastic they use in their business operations and supply chains.

Western Companies Step Up Patrols of Their Intellectual Property In China

Western chemical companies have long cried foul when it comes to Chinese IP theft, but these days, they’re lawyering up and taking perpetrators to court.

First Business Accelerator For Solutions To Plastic Pollution

NewGen Surgical is one of the initial businesses in the new Accelerator portfolio, each having developed a "groundbreaking" technology to reduce plastic pollution.

Washington Penn To Buy ExxonMobil's PP Compounding Business

This marks the second PP compounding business to change hands this year.

Aachen Center, Shuler Form Alliance To Develop Lightweight Automotive, Aerospace Components

Germany's Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) will begin manufacturing composite components on a new composite press from Shuler by year's end.

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Engineering Thermoplastics


A category of polymers that are used typically in demanding applications. They are so named because they have properties that offer higher performance (such as heat resistance) than commodity materials, and are suitable for applications that require engineering to design parts that perform in their intended use. Examples of engineering polymers include nylon, ABS, PC, PEEK, PBT, and POM.

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