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MATERIALS: Second Generation High-Performance Polyester For LED TV Applications
Solvay has unveiled an enhanced version of its Lavanta high-performance polyester for television LEDs. More (+)
Italian Furniture Maker Releases YouTube Film On Its Use of PC
"15 Years of Transparency", a new film by Kartell features some of the most iconic furniture pieces in the design industry made with Lexan PC. More (+)

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Three Entities Awarded For Plastics Recycling Innovations

The American Chemistry Council has announced three winners for this year's Innovation in Plastics Recycling Awards.

MATERIALS: Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PBT for Automotive Electronics and More

BASF has added the first carbon fiber-reinforced PBT to its Ultradur line with low electrostatic charge and good conductivity.

MATERIALS: Black Nylon 12 Compound Meets Strict Railway Car Standards

Evonik's new black-colored nylon 12 meets stringent requirements for fire protection for cable and conduits of railway cars and more.

DSM to Build New High-Viscosity Nylon 6 Plant

DSM's first North American high-viscosity nylon 6 plant to planned for start-up in mid-2016.

Italian Compounder Starts Up U.S. Production

The So.F.Ter Group has brought on line its first U.S. plant to produce a broad range of compounds.

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Engineering Thermoplastics


A category of polymers that are used typically in demanding applications. They are so named because they have properties that offer higher performance (such as heat resistance) than commodity materials, and are suitable for applications that require engineering to design parts that perform in their intended use. Examples of engineering polymers include nylon, ABS, PC, PEEK, PBT, and POM.

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