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MATERIALS: Versatile Pre-Color Capstock Compounds for Building Products
The eCap capstock compounds come in a variety of material blends and can be combined with Americhem's nGrain simulated woodgrain. More (+)
COATING: Thermoplastic Antifriction Coating For Wear-Resistant Thermoplastics
LuV and Impreglon develop thermoplastic coating system for thermoplastic compounds that are injection molded into sliding and rolling components for machines and devices. More (+)

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Acrylic Sheet Featured In Unique Reactive Art Installation

Evonik's Acrylite Sheet 'Rocks' In New Media Installation

APPLICATION: Biobased Nylon Chosen For Ferrari and Maserati Fuel Vapor Separators

A halogen-free FR biobased nylon 410 grade from DSM "stars" in high-end sports cars.

MATERIALS: Acetal Compounds With Enhanced Wear & Friction Resistance

Use of a proprietary polymeric alloy results in a lower specific gravity for these new wear and friction compounds.

APPLICATION: Hybrid Electric Engine Covers Feature Very High-Flow Nylon 6

Up to 80% improved flow and cycle-time reductions from 15% to 40% is claimed.

Reactive Liquid Acrylic for In-Situ Thermoplastic Composites

Easy impregnation of fiber composites and room-temperature processing plus toughness, weldability, and recyclability.

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Engineering Thermoplastics


A category of polymers that are used typically in demanding applications. They are so named because they have properties that offer higher performance (such as heat resistance) than commodity materials, and are suitable for applications that require engineering to design parts that perform in their intended use. Examples of engineering polymers include nylon, ABS, PC, PEEK, PBT, and POM.

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