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MATERIALS: Continuous-Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheets
Flame-retardant PC composite sheets for consumer electronics. More (+)
Resin Prices May Have Bottomed Out
With continued declines in feedstock and energy costs through much of the first quarter, commodity and engineering resin prices fell too. More (+)

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New ‘Dry’ Process Puts Circuitry on Plastics

Laser ablation and plasma etching team up to apply thicker conductive layers without a ‘wet’ plating process.

Transparent Nylons That Can Also Be Used As Additives

Dual-function transparent nylons from Invista make debut at NPE2015.

Novel Additives Enhance Processing, Performance Of Engineering Resins

Struktol is debuting additives based on novel chemistry that enhance performance of nylons 6, 6,6 and more.

Fiber-Reinforced & Low-Volatility LSRs Unveiled

At NPE2015, Momentive launches advancements in fiber-reinforced and low-volatility LSRs.

DuPont Increases Capacity For High-Performance Nylon

DuPont has increased production of Zytel HTN PPA, reflecting the growing demand for advanced materials.

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Engineering Thermoplastics


A category of polymers that are used typically in demanding applications. They are so named because they have properties that offer higher performance (such as heat resistance) than commodity materials, and are suitable for applications that require engineering to design parts that perform in their intended use. Examples of engineering polymers include nylon, ABS, PC, PEEK, PBT, and POM.

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