PT ZONE: Engineering Thermoplastics

MATERIALS: High-Refractive-Index LSRs for LEDs
Wacker has developed new highly-transparent LSRs for LEDs and optical components. More (+)
PT Article Engineering Plastics Growth Led by Nylon and ABS
New Aranca market study projects significant growth for engineering plastics, generated by metal replacement, 3D printing and photovoltaics. More (+)

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MATERIALS: Carbon Fiber Reinforced PP Compounds for Automotive

Borealis augments its Fibremod technology portfolio.

Innovative Materials Open Up New Markets for Injection Molding

Light-emitting diodes, bipolar car battery plates, medical components—new opportunities in these applications and more are coming to injection molding thanks to advances in materials.

Solvay's PEEK Chosen for Oil Scavenger Line in Polimotor 2

The Polimotor 2 all-plastic engine project for competitive auto racing is moving right along with Solvay's materials playing a key role.

High-Tech Implant for Leg-Lengthening Treatment Enabled by PEEK

Evonik has invested in a start-up company that has developed a high-tech leg-lengthening implant that uses Vestakeep PEEK.

New Nylon Entrant Brings Differentiated Technology to the Table

Celanese already has some grades of its nylon 6 and 66 offering available.

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Engineering Thermoplastics


A category of polymers that are used typically in demanding applications. They are so named because they have properties that offer higher performance (such as heat resistance) than commodity materials, and are suitable for applications that require engineering to design parts that perform in their intended use. Examples of engineering polymers include nylon, ABS, PC, PEEK, PBT, and POM.

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