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PT Article Loss-in-Weight Feeders & Blenders – Single Screw Photo(s) – Twin Screw Photo(s) – Bulk Solids Pump Photo(s) – Vibratory Photo(s) – Specialty Photo(s) – K4G Photo(s)Loss-in-Weight Feeders & BlendersUse K-Tron's modular Loss-in-Weight feeders for materials with varying bulk density and for material handling automation. More (+)
Weight Belt Feeder Weigh Belt Feeders – Weigh Belt Photo(s)Weigh Belt FeedersUse weigh belt feeders for gravimetric feeding at higher feed rates or where low headroom is a problem. More (+)

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Smart Flow Meters – SFM Photo(s)Smart Flow MetersUse K-Tron’s Smart Flow Meters for metering, monitoring or totalization of bulk material flows, or as a feeder in high rate applications.

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Equipment Profiles


Equipment Profiles

Moving from principle to practice, this section profiles available feeding hardware solutions along with links to download detailed specs and associated information. For information on controls and communications solutions, see Focus on Control section.

NOTE: Clicking a link in the following screens in this section will deep link you to the appropriate page on the K-Tron website ( where you can select from available model variations (if any) and download technical information (log-in or registration required).

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