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PT Article PE Film Market Analysis: Shrink Film
Market growth potential for this film segment is described by most as ‘slow but steady.’ More (+)
PT Article Italian Equipment Makers Aim For U.S. Expansion
Expansion plans by some Italian plastics equipment manufacturers are focused on North America More (+)


PE Film Market Analysis: Stretch Film

The stretch film market continues to be one of the largest and most rapidly evolving polyethylene PE film markets.

Sigma Plastics Buys Tara Plastics Corp.

Sigma Plastics says the Tara deal reflects the company’s expansion into value-added films.

News Highlights from NPE2015

Here’s a first look at new technology in materials, auxiliaries, and all types of processes.

What's the Outlook for Your Film Market?

Over the next weeks in a new blog series we'll delve into specific PE film markets to help you find an answer.

Shredding Thin Film: How to Do It Right

While many processors recoil at this task, a little know-how in shredding equipment, processing, and maintenance should add the necessary confidence.

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Film Extrusion


Film is divided into two subcategories: cast, or flat film; and blown film. In the former, hot plastic is extruded through a flat, slit die onto a polished chill roll where it is quenched, pulled to a second set of rolls to cool the other side, then wound. In blown film, plastic is extruded into a cylindrical die, then inflated to form a bubble, which is ultimately cooled and collapsed. Films can be either single or multi-layer. Most are based on polyethylene. Bags are one primary example of film extrusions.

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