PT ZONE: Film Extrusion

PT Article New York Bagmaker Expands to Texas
Can liner firm Aluf adds capacity in Lone Star state. More (+)
EXTRUSION: Output-Boosting Cooling System
Reifenhauser also to display new control panel at NPE. More (+)


EXTRUSION: Lab Extruders In New Configurations

They include horizontal compounding line.

‘Breakthrough’ Technology Allows for Super-Swift Sheet-Thickness Changes

New system uses a single-point adjustment to change the lip gap and modify the lip land length at the same time.

Entek Running World’s Largest Line for Lead-Acid Battery Separators

Machine-building sister company furnished the twin-screw extruder and most other line components.


As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

EXTRUSION: Winder Rebuild/Loaner Program Launched

Get a loaner turret winder while your old one is getting rebuilt.

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Film Extrusion


Film is divided into two subcategories: cast, or flat film; and blown film. In the former, hot plastic is extruded through a flat, slit die onto a polished chill roll where it is quenched, pulled to a second set of rolls to cool the other side, then wound. In blown film, plastic is extruded into a cylindrical die, then inflated to form a bubble, which is ultimately cooled and collapsed. Films can be either single or multi-layer. Most are based on polyethylene. Bags are one primary example of film extrusions.

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