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SmartConnex Control Environment – Photo K Tron’s SmartConnex control architecture reflects the latest thinking in process plant control and communications technology. More (+)
KCM Control Module – PhotoWith SmartConnex, each feeder has its own K Tron Control Module (KCM), usually mounted directly on the feeder. More (+)


Operator Interfaces – KSU-II Photo – K-Vision Photo – KSC PhotoSmartConnex offers a choice of three operator interfaces: KSU II Single Unit Display, K Vision Line Control Display, and KSC Smart Commander for multiple line control.

Connectivity – SchematicConnection between feeders and operator interface is via a network.

Gravimetric Extrusion Control – Photo - Schematic(4652 placeholder)Designed for use in profile extrusion, cast sheet, blown film, cable coating, laminating, precision tubing and pipe extrusion applications, K Tron's Continuous Gravimetric Extrusion Control package offers the ability to control extruder speed so that its output has a predictable and repeatable mass flow.

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Focus on Control


Focus on Control

Most feeders operate as part of a larger system, interconnected to produce a coordinated formulation. This section introduces you to today's flexible, high-connectivity SmartConnexTM environment for full spectrum continuous and batch solutions from single device control to multi-line supervisory systems.

Individual feeder accuracy is only part of the performance equation. In plastics as in most other process applications, several feeders must act in concert with each other and with associated processing equipment. System wide control, connectivity and communications is a key factor in achieving and maintaining end product quality.

This section introduces K Tron’s innovative SmartConnexTM Control Environment, detailing its applicability to the full range of controls applications encountered in plastics processing.

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