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RECYCLING: High-Output, Low-Energy Modular Extruder System For Recycling
ARTEC to showcase modular extrusion system that combines recycling and compounding in one single process at NPE 2015. More (+)
AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Central Chiller Is Expandable, Easy to Control
With modular system, processors can start with one unit, expand later. More (+)

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THERMOFORMING: New Oven Streamlines Preheating Functions

Unit uses both electricity and gas to preheat products.

Three Themes at Fakuma Show

Servo hydraulics are becoming standard; servo pickers proliferate; water flow monitoring and control are new focus.

MATERIALS: Liquid Nitrogren Cools Plastics Machining

Technology reportedly boosts tool life while allowing faster cutting.

AUXILIARIES: News in Drying, Blending, Cooling, Granulating at Fakuma Show

Wittmann Battenfeld to display wide array of new auxiliaries at show.

Mold-Heating/Cooling Technology Keeps Cosmetic Parts Looking ‘Hot’

New rapid mold-temperature control technology allows molder to eliminate cosmetic defects like knit lines or sink marks in parts that require a glossy finish or feature texturing.

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Heating & Cooling


The temperature of the process, machine and tooling need to be regulated to produce quality parts. Temperature control devices such as process chillers are typically water or oil-based; the selection depends on the temperature range required by the process. Chillers can be portable or centrally located. Industrial cooling towers are installed outside the plant building generally either elevated on a stand, or mounted on the roof.

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