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MATERIALS: Medical LSR with Reduced Self-Healing
Slit valves stay open in food and pharmaceutical dispensing. More (+)
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Emerging Technologies in the Spotlight

Smart packaging, additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0, completely reimagining the injection molding machine—those are just some of the topics to be tackled in the Emerging Technologies session at Molding 2016.

INJECTION MOLDING: More Exact Color Metering for LSR

Very exact volumetric dosing within 0.02%.

Happy Birthday to the Reciprocating Screw!

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the patenting of the reciprocating screw injection molding machine, and there are some who argue little has changed in the technology in the intervening six decades.

Prototype to Production: NPI/Medical Is Quick-Turn Artist

New name, same focus: From 1 part to millions, a new-product development manufacturer for over 45 years.

INJECTION MOLDING: Small-Shot LSR Press for Clean Rooms

Suited to quick changeovers and short runs.

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LIM & LSR Molding


Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding is a long established process but it is enjoying an upsurge in interest for medical, automotive, infant care, and general industrial applications. It requires specialty machinery and processing considerations compared to conventional thermoplastics molding. Notably, whereas thermoplastics must be heated in the injection barrel to their melting point, and then cooled in the mold back to a solid state, the reverse occurs with LSR. It starts out as a fluid and is then heated within the mold to initiate curing.

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Product Announcements

MATERIALS: Medical LSR with Reduced Self-Healing
Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 2/9/2016
INJECTION MOLDING: More Exact Color Metering for LSR
Elmet North America, Inc. 1/12/2016
INJECTION MOLDING: Small-Shot LSR Press for Clean Rooms
Wabash MPI 11/23/2015
INJECTION MOLDING: Sneak Peek at Fakuma News
ENGEL 9/25/2015
MATERIALS: Fiber-Reinforced & Low-Volatility LSRs
Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 6/1/2015

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