PT ZONE: LIM & LSR Molding

INJECTION MOLDING: Larger ‘Stuffer Box’ for LSR Prototyping, Micromolding
Feeding device for small amounts of premixed LSR as a single component. More (+)
Clean-Room LSR Molding Cell For New Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention
Injection press, metering system, and mold are engineered for medical molding of drug-impregnated LSR. More (+)


Want a Machine with Everything?

Super-flexible lab development machine is equipped for a wide range of processes.

MATERIALS: Coolant-Resistant LSR for Engine Gaskets

LSR gains a place in automotive cooling systems.

For the Adventurous, Opportunities Beckon in Overmolding RFID Tags

Insert molding RFID tags and antennas is a growing market opportunity with relatively few players who have braved the challenges involved.

For the Brave, Opportunities Beckon in Overmolding RFID Tags

Molding RFID tags and electronic antennas into plastic parts presents growing opportunities--and challenges.

Reactive Liquid Acrylic for In-Situ Thermoplastic Composites

Easy impregnation of fiber composites and room-temperature processing plus toughness, weldability, and recyclability.

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LIM & LSR Molding


Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding is a long established process but it is enjoying an upsurge in interest for medical, automotive, infant care, and general industrial applications. It requires specialty machinery and processing considerations compared to conventional thermoplastics molding. Notably, whereas thermoplastics must be heated in the injection barrel to their melting point, and then cooled in the mold back to a solid state, the reverse occurs with LSR. It starts out as a fluid and is then heated within the mold to initiate curing.

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