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PT Article PE Spot Prices Down; More Contract Price Reductions Likely To Surface
A second PE supplier has offered a PE contract price reduction, while spot prices tumble as available supply swells. More (+)
PT Article Bayer Exploring Use of CO2 to Make Plastics
With one application near commercialization, Bayer's research into CO2 as a raw material for making plastics looks promising. More (+)


How to Mold Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

Here’s the machinery, tooling, and process know how you need to get the most out of these high-performance materials.

How Characterizing and Modeling Chemical Foaming Agents Can Help Your Process

Knowing ahead of time what will happen when your CFA produces gas can help you design or improve your process to boost quality and cost effectiveness.

How to Dry PET for Container Applications

PET is extremely hygroscopic, highly moisture sensitive, and one of the toughest challenges to dry. Here are the basic principles of doing it right for rigid packaging applications

The Mystery of Physical Aging: Part 2

Dimensional and property changes depend on the size of the part, molecular weight of the resin, and processing conditions.

MATERIALS: Second Generation High-Performance Polyester For LED TV Applications

Solvay has unveiled an enhanced version of its Lavanta high-performance polyester for television LEDs.

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A generic term for plastics, thermoplastics or polymers, materials are the stuff of which molded and extruded parts are made. Broad subcategories include commodity materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC; and engineering materials such as nylon, acetal and ABS for applications requiring higher performance in the areas of heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact, fire retardancy or mechanical strength. This Zone includes links to many material subsets, including those mentioned above as well as thermoplastics elastomers, biopolymers and nanocomposites.

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