PT ZONE: Mold Analysis Terminology

PT Article Flow Analysis
Flow Front Temperature - The mid-stream temperature when the flow front reaches each point. More (+)
PT Article Cooling Analysis
Average Part Temperature - The average plastic temperature across the whole element thickness, calculated at the end of cooling time. More (+)

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Packing Analysis

Clamp Tonnage - The resultant value of the pressure distribution over the entire part.

Warpage Analysis

Deflection Results (X, Y, Z, Total) - The deflections of the part relative to the reference plane defined when specifying the boundary conditions for the warpage analysisReference Plane – Defined by three constraint points, this is a plane relative to which the warpage deflections are measured.Material Orientation – The material orientation direction for each element.

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Mold Analysis Terminology


The following links are intended to provide a general understanding of some terms used in the molding and plastics simulation field. Minor terms or phrases may vary, though this list will provide you with good understanding of how these terms are used and what they mean.

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