PT ZONE: Multi-Screw Compounding

COMPOUNDING: Process Produces Continuous Medium Glass Fiber Thermoplastic Compounds
Technology deemed most applicable where PP short-glass and nylon short-glass reinforced materials are used. More (+)
COMPOUNDING: Next-Generation Twins Offer Higher Torque
Increased throughout and decreased melt temperatures also touted. More (+)

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ICMA Sets Up Lab Line in Michigan

Italian supplier of twin-screw compounding machinery represented by Prescott Machine in North America.

Intelligent FFS Packaging Machine For Compounders

Form-fill-seal system weighs, bags and palletizes product after pelletizing.

Are You a ‘World-Class’ Processor?

Participate in Plastics Technology’s industry-wide benchmarking survey and you might find out.

Twin-Screw Elements Offer Option to Kneading Blocks

Said to be less harsh while creating 'turbulent mixing' without stagnation.

COMPOUNDING: New Name In Underwater Pelletizing

Small but feature-rich underwater unit.

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Multi-Screw Compounding


Most materials today are compounded on multi- (usually twin-) screw compounding extruders. Most of these machines feature co-rotating, intermeshing screws, though there are applications in which counter-rotating, intermeshing or non-intermeshing machines are used. Extruders with more than two screws have been developed for applications requiring more intense devolatilization and reactive processing.

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