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Solving Common Problems in Underwater Pelletizing
Pellet quality and consistency are critical to any compounding operation. But in underwater pelletizing, a variety of issues can stand in the way. Here’s how to fix them. More (+)
Krauss Maffei’s open house reaffirms importance of North American market
A full parking lot outside and packed warehouse inside during a recent open house reflect the record year KraussMaffei's North American operations are enjoying. More (+)

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COMPOUNDING: LFT Strand Pelletizer

High-speed series features a variety of enhancements.

EXTRUSION: New Process for Coex Vinyl Floor Tile

Process compounds, extrudes, and calenders PVC flooring in one step.

Compounding: Modular System Can Now Be Shipped Faster

Krauss-Maffei Berstorff redesigns its ModulPlus line of twin-screw extruders to shorten delivery-lead times and reduce cost.

Compounding PLA on Twin-Screws: What Testing Reveals

Twin-screw extrusion is the preferred method for compounding PLA and other biopolymers. But processing PLA is complicated because it’s sensitive to heat and shear. It’s also prone to hydrolytic degradation if moisture is present in molten PLA. Here’s what one machine builder’s trials revealed.

COMPOUNDING: Quick-Change Cutting Chamber Slices Downtime

New quick-change cutting chamber for strand pelletizer said to deliver easy and quick removal of the cutting chamber with minimum downtime.

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Multi-Screw Compounding


Most materials today are compounded on multi- (usually twin-) screw compounding extruders. Most of these machines feature co-rotating, intermeshing screws, though there are applications in which counter-rotating, intermeshing or non-intermeshing machines are used. Extruders with more than two screws have been developed for applications requiring more intense devolatilization and reactive processing.

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Product Announcements

COMPOUNDING: LFT Strand Pelletizer
Reduction Engineering, Inc. 4/23/2014
EXTRUSION: New Process for Coex Vinyl Floor Tile
KraussMaffei Berstorff 4/23/2014
Compounding: Modular System Can Now Be Shipped Faster
KraussMaffei Berstorff 3/28/2014
COMPOUNDING: Quick-Change Cutting Chamber Slices Downtime
Reduction Engineering, Inc. 2/26/2014
COMPOUNDING: Process Pelletizes and Crystallizes
Kreyenborg Industries 2/13/2014

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