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PT Article Advanced Tri-Layer Tubing for Balloon Catheters
Putnam Plastics’ proprietary extrusion process produces tri-layer tubing with improved tensile, burst and elongation properties. More (+)
EXTRUSION: Laser Micrometer for Pipe, Tubing
High-speed gauge is for very small-diameter extrusions. More (+)

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EXTRUSION: Quick-Change, Fast-Clean Die Head

New die family can be specified in a wide range of ID's.

Try a ‘Complete’ Method to Clean Screws, Barrels

Pulling the screw will give you direct access to clean all surfaces. Here’s how to do so in an efficient, safe, and non-destructive way.

U.S.-Made High-Melt-Strength PP Tackles Wide Range of Applications

Total’s new HMS-PP signals both increased interest in the material and a source of domestic production.

Graham, Conair Team Up To Boost Medical Tubing Technology

Suppliers to house each other's equipment in their respective extrusion labs.

Milacron Launching E-Shop

Get all your Milacron replacement parts from one website.

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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion


Pipe is formed when plastics is extruded through a round shaping die, cooled in a water bath, and either cut and coiled. The most commonly used pipe materials are PVC and high-density polyethylene. Rigid PVC pipe is commonly used in building and construction for drain, waste and vent applications, and is processed on specialty twin-screw extruders; HDPE pipe is used for a wide range of industrial, electrical and drainage applications. Flexible pipe is often considered tubing. Tubing can be used in industrial (hoses), food (straws), medical (catheter) and a variety of other applications. Profile extrusions are typically used for windows, doors, siding and are typically made of PVC.

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Product Announcements

EXTRUSION: Laser Micrometer for Pipe, Tubing
EXTRUSION: Quick-Change, Fast-Clean Die Head
Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. 2/4/2016
EXTRUSION: High-Power Pullers For Large Pipe, Profiles
Boston Matthews Inc. 12/10/2015
EXTRUSION: Self-Adjusting Pullers
CDS - Custom Downstream Systems Inc. 12/10/2015
EXTRUSION: Patented Seal For Hydraulic, Manual Screen Changers
Kolcor Technologies LLC 8/31/2015

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