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PT Article Ingeo Biopolymer Tops 'Smallest Carbon Footprint' List Among Commonly Used Plastics
  NatureWorks' online calculator offers brand owners and researchers a tool for comparing GHG emissions and the non-renewable energy use of products made from different plastics. More (+)
PT Article Sounds Weird, But...Plastic Roads May Actually 'Surface'
      Our infrastructure problem is not going away any time soon. More (+)


PP, PS Prices Up; PE, PVC Prices Flat

Prices moved up for PS and PP but stayed flat for PE and PVC, despite price increases on the table.

Nova Installs Nine-Layer Blown Film Line to Enhance Customer Collaboration

It's said to be a first for PE resin producers in North America.

ASTM Launches New Plastic Film QA Testing Tool

  An innovative statistical qualitative assurance tool for plastic film testing has been just launched by ASTM International, W.

Expect Graphene to Make its Mark in Multiple Markets

  There has been a lot of buzz about graphene in recent times and for good reason.  A material stronger and stiffer than carbon fiber, graphene is thought to have enormous commercial potential, but has been impractical to use on a large scale, with researchers limited to using small flakes of the material.

Rising Virgin Prices Bode Well for Recycled Resins

Recycled HDPE prices went up earlier in the year and are now subsiding. R-PET prices were low but have risen and may now stabilize.

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A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin. Common polyolefins include all types of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyolefins are typical used in film structures or food and industrial packaging.

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