PT ZONE: Polyolefins

PT Article Two Dow Flexible Packaging Technologies Among 2015 R&D 100 Awards
Both the PE Stand-Up Pouch and PacXpert bottles are making commercial advances globally. More (+)
MATERIALS: New Class of PE Film Resins Adds Fresh Downgauging Potential
New LLDPEs boast unmatched stiffness/toughness balance and processing ease. Better downgauging ahead. More (+)


Commodity Resin Prices Flat or Lower

Mostly quiet forecast for the end of the year.

Takeaway from IHS Presentation on PP Outlook

PP imports--pellets and finished goods--on the increase and to continue to 2019.

Takeaway from IHS Presentation on PE Outlook

IHS expects flat prices to end the year, followed by one increase in Q1 2016, and lower prices in Q2 and Q3.

New Family of High-Performance LLDPE-Like Resins for Packaging

Dow's just announced Innate Precision Packaging Resins boast unmatched abuse resistance and excellent processability.

Commodity Resin Prices Drop

Downward trajectory resumes for all four commodity resins.

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A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin. Common polyolefins include all types of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyolefins are typical used in film structures or food and industrial packaging.

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