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Resin Prices Mostly Higher, But Some Will Fall Back
A flat-to-down trajectory projected by year’s end. More (+)
PT Article K2016 Reporter’s Notebook: Materials News
Celanese to offer PEEK, TPE; SABIC eyes new Gulf Coast facility; Covestro displays automotive, electronics innovations; and Baerlocher launches heat stabilizer for recycled resins. More (+)


The Importance of Oxidative Stability in Polyolefins, Part 3

Tools and methods for determining oxidative stability can be useful, but even more useful if constructed to yield the information you really need.

Key Takeways from IHS Markit Pros on PE, PP Outlooks

The polyolefins presentations at GPS 2016 signal better times for processors in terms of pricing leverage, options.

Braskem Commissions New UHMWPE Plant

The new Texas plant reflects another Braskem milestone investment in North America.

Resin Prices Mostly Higher

Third quarter ends with upward movement for most resin prices, even for high-volume engineering grades, except for PET.

The Importance of Oxidative Stability In Polyolefins, Part 2

The DSC test can do a reasonably good job of capturing the comparative behavior of materials that use similar antioxidant chemistries.

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A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin. Common polyolefins include all types of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyolefins are typical used in film structures or food and industrial packaging.

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