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MATERIALS: Purging Compounds Aid Production of Caps & Closures
Food-grade purging compounds specially tailored for production of HDPE beverage caps and closures. More (+)
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Here's a method to assist with efficient dark-to-light color changes on hot-runner systems that are hot-tipped. More (+)


MATERIALS: Purging Agent in New Packaging for Medical Clean Rooms

A new packaging option for Ultra Purge purging agent was developed specifically for clean-room production of medical parts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purging

This 'FAQ' sections answers common questions about how to choose and use purging agents.

Not Your Father’s Purging Agent

There are two important messages for today’s processors with regard to purging. First, as we near the peak of the “rapid improvement” stage of purging technology, the products now available are not the same old purging compounds of the past. Second, the “low-hanging fruit” has been picked—future technical improvements will likely be incremental and future improvements in productivity will require a shift in focus, toward transition planning and process optimization.

Purging High-Performance Engineering Resins

One of the fastest growing markets for commercial purging compounds is purging high-performance engineering resins. It is also one of the most difficult challenges, since both mechanical and chemical purging compounds have limitations when it comes to heat stability, residence time, flow restrictions, etc.

MATERIALS: High-Yield Purging Compound for PP Copolymer

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Houston-based Neutrex Inc. has introduced the first of its new high-yield Purgex 700 series of purging compounds that reportedly enable use of approximately 50% less purging material than standard products.

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Purging compounds are used by processors to clean out polymer, color and other impurities from the machine and tooling between production runs. There are three general kinds of purging compounds: chemical; abrasive; and non-abrasive.

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