PT ZONE: Recycling

How Optical Sorting Can Boost Your Reclaim Operation
Here are tips on how to implement optical-sorting technology to increase the value of regrind and flake produced in your plant. More (+)
Contraction Accelerates Slightly
Third dip in four months. More (+)


APR Establishes New Strategies For Film Reclamation

The association recently appointed Sandi Childs, a long time recycling industry executive, to direct its flexible film recovery efforts.

Eriez Introduces Moisture Monitor To The Recycling Industry

The non-contact electronic scanning device is said to prevent excess water content in recycling processes.

Adidas Develops Shoes Made From Ocean Waste

The amount of waste in our oceans is staggering.

Rising Virgin Prices Bode Well for Recycled Resins

Recycled HDPE prices went up earlier in the year and are now subsiding. R-PET prices were low but have risen and may now stabilize.

Recycling’s Here to Stay, And We’re Ready to Report on It

Plastics Technology will increase coverage of this developing industry.

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Recycling is a broad term that most associate with post-consumer scrap. Recyclers collect bags, bottles and a wide variety of other end products, which are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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