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Pondering the Future of Recycling
The business will persevere, but it might look a bit different than it does now. More (+)
PT Article APR: Plastic Cans With Metal Lids Contaminate Recycling
Recycling association says new container design can lead to significant issues in the plastics recycling stream. More (+)

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New Resin Made From Disposable Paper Coffee Cups

Consultancy and recycling manufacturer may have the answer to turning disposable coffee cups into durable resin.

Ensuring a Package Is Recyclable AND Useful

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of doom and gloom talk in the recycling space at the moment, mostly thanks to low oil prices, but despite that consumers remain passionate about the topic.

Recycling of Plastic Auto Parts Gains Attention Even As It Remains In its Relative Infancy

SPI launches automotive recycling report; separation process key to German start-up’s patented recycling technology.

Petoskey Plastics Launches Recycling Scorecard for Blown Film

The data are based on the level of recycled content supplied within film and bags purchased from Petoskey.

First PC/ABS Production from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Underway

MBA Polymers looks to be first in producing post-consumer PC/ABS pellets from shredded WEEE.

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Recycled Materials


These are materials formulated with some percentage of either post-industrial or post-consumer scrap. The most common recycled material is PET.

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