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PT Article DuPont Experts And Partners To Address Recycling, Lightweighting, Optimal Material Selection
At NPE2015, DuPont scientists and other industry experts will host seminars on recycling and material innovation & selection for automotive, packaging, and medical devices. More (+)
MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES AT NPE: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, and Sustainability
Lots of news in engineering thermoplastic compounds, TPEs, and purging agents, plus a wide range of colorants and additives. More (+)

MOST RECENT CONTENT: Recycled Materials

Study Shows Many Additives Designed to Biodegrade PE, PET Don't Work

Michigan State U. 3-year study does not fare well for additives that claim to break down plastics.

3D Printing Filament Engineered From Recycled Plastic

New technology startup ready to bring to market first 3D printing filament made from recycled ABS.

Polymer Technology Innovations To Star At 'NPE2015 Startup Garage'

Expect to see at least twelve startup ventures with exciting new technologies at the 'NPE2015 Startup Garage' exhibitions.

Wellman Plastics Recycling Part Of Shanghai Prett Composites

Wellman Plastics Recycling is being acquired by automotive plastics compounder Shanghai Pret Composites.

Lower Prices for Recycled Resins: A Mixed Blessing?

Plunging oil prices are helping recycle buyers now, but could hurt later on.

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Recycled Materials


These are materials formulated with some percentage of either post-industrial or post-consumer scrap. The most common recycled material is PET.

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