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PT Article Plastic Bag Bans: The Trend That Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop?
On April 28, the European Parliament gave its final approval for the previously agreed legislation to reduce the use of single-use plastic carrier bags. More (+)
PT Article About 87% of Overall Waste Was Recycled At NPE2015
Commercial Plastics Recycling collected, sorted and recycled 191 tons of processing scrap. More (+)
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News Highlights from NPE2015

Here’s a first look at new technology in materials, auxiliaries, and all types of processes.

Shredding Thin Film: How to Do It Right

While many processors recoil at this task, a little know-how in shredding equipment, processing, and maintenance should add the necessary confidence.

Erema introduces new system for regrind recycling

The RegrindPro is said to answer a growing demand for the effective processing of regrind materials into high-quality recycled pellets.

Canada's recycling of plastic packaging increased by 9%

About 80% of the plastic material reported was reclaimed in Canada or the U.S.

Recycling Conference Focuses on Changing Recycle Streams

E-plastics study shines light on a growing segment of recycling—its makeup, collection rates, and end-uses.

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Recycling & Scrap Reclamation


Processors of all types try to avoid generating scrap, but when it is used it generally is re-used by putting it back into the process. Scrap generally falls within two categories: post-industrial and post-consumer. Industrial scrap includes off-spec parts, sprues and the like, and is usually reduced in size by devices such as granulators, shredders and pulverizers and re-fed into the machine. In post-consumer operations, recyclers take in bags, bottles and other end products. These are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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