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Chasing the Perfect Pellet
Petoskey Plastics began recycling in 1978 and continues to expand its green footprint by offering pellets specifically for thin-gauge blown film. More (+)
June’s Index: 46.8
But plants with 100-249 employees expand for fourth straight month. More (+)
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Pondering the Future of Recycling

The business will persevere, but it might look a bit different than it does now.

Wittmann’s 40th Anniversary Gala Unveils a Host of New Products

New machinery, robots, and auxiliaries demonstrate continued momentum of technical development—and preview some K 2016 exhibits.

Petoskey Plastics Assists With Flint Water-Bottle Recycling Efforts

Petoskey has donated recycling bags to help recover used water bottles.

Starlinger Unveils New RecoSTAR Dynamic 215

The first recoSTAR dynamic 215 recycling line will be supplied to a customer in Spain, where it will be used for reprocessing post-consumer EPS packaging waste.

Erema to Launch Recycling 4.0 at K 2016

The recycling machine manufacturer will also recycle plastic waste on site at the K show.

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Recycling & Scrap Reclamation


Processors of all types try to avoid generating scrap, but when it is used it generally is re-used by putting it back into the process. Scrap generally falls within two categories: post-industrial and post-consumer. Industrial scrap includes off-spec parts, sprues and the like, and is usually reduced in size by devices such as granulators, shredders and pulverizers and re-fed into the machine. In post-consumer operations, recyclers take in bags, bottles and other end products. These are ultimately washed and pelletized and either sold by a recycler to processors or reprocessed into parts.

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