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PT Article Rethink Robotics Expands in Germany
Signs distribution agreement with two automation companies. More (+)
FROM ROBOTS TO ‘COBOTS’: Next-Generation Automation Arrives in Plastics Processing
So-called ‘collaborative robots’ are a new category of ‘human-friendly’ automation that can work safely side by side with people, unprotected by guarding. More (+)


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Robots as a Remedy to Shopfloor Tedium

In any industry, at any company, there are jobs that while being 100% necessary are nonetheless menial, and that tediousness can generate high turnover.

MATERIALS: PP Powder for Laser-Sintered Robot Grippers

Light weight, toughness, and lack of water absorption are advantages.

3D Printing’s Growing Presence Seen at Fakuma Show

Additive manufacturing appeared in tooling inserts, robot grippers, and molded parts.

Where Was 3D Printing at the Fakuma Show?

All over, and in a variety of roles.

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Robots are used primarily in injection molding but in other processes as well as a means to automate the process and reduce cost by eliminating the need for operator intervention. Robots can be used for part/sprue removal, part assembly and even packaging.

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With the KR AGILUS series, KUKA is presenting a comprehensive small robot family.
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