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Is Your Granulator Helping You Maximize Your Profit?
It’s easy to take a scrap granulator for granted. Many people do. But getting the most value out of your production scrap requires both a granulator design and a preventive-maintenance program that are appropriate to the way you use the granulator. More (+)
PT Article GM Recycles Water Bottles to Produce Chevy Equinox Part
The Detroit auto giant is recycling employees’ water bottles into noise-reducing fabric insulation that covers the Chevrolet Equinox engine. More (+)


Are You Getting Maximum Value From Your Plastic Scrap?

If not, you’re throwing away money. The solution comes from knowing the difference between a scrap materials reprocessor and a recycler, and how to evaluate what a reprocessor can do for you.

Economics, Rise of Recycled PP Highlight Recycling Conference

Industry faces challenges, but opportunities beckon, in particular in PCR PP

Ahead of the Curve in Recycling

A pioneer in recycling milk bottles built a thriving business in plastic lumber, but blow molding with PCR has proved a longer, harder road to success.

Ways to Grow PET Packaging Recycling

Global commodities markets are placing intense price pressure on all players in the PET supply chain, as reclaimers and PRF operators suffer tight margins due to low resin pricing.

Plastic Recycling Start-Up Looks to Change India’s Recycling Culture

India has been referred to as the world’s trash can. Harsh for certain, but if you type in the words ‘India’ and ‘Trash,’ plenty of disturbing Google images of kids playing in trash will pop up.

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Scrap Reclaim


Processors of all types try to avoid generating scrap, but when it is made it generally is re-used by putting it back into the process. Production (or post-industrial) scrap includes off-spec parts, sprues, edge trim from film and sheet, and the like. It is usually reduced in size by devices such as granulators, shredders and pulverizers, and re-fed into the processing machine.

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