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PT Article Plastics Recycling Conference Explores the Economics of Recycling
These are interesting times for the recycling market—the industry has been impacted by the erratic commodities markets and low cost virgin material will test commitments to use recycled materials. More (+)
PT Article SPI Launches Zero Net-Waste Program
New initiative to promote pursuit of zero-waste in plastics processing. More (+)


Nordson to Supply 16 Pelletizing Systems to New PET Plant in China

Nordson’s CrystallCut system integrates underwater pelletizing, drying, water filtration and direct crystallizing at temperatures of up to 180 °C and crystallinity up to 40%.

Trials Show 'Dryer-Less' System Converts Mixed Regrind Into High-Quality Thermoformed Sheet

In production-scale trials, PETG and APET scrap bypasses landfill thanks to PTi's high-vacuum, twin-screw extrusion system.

Top Recycling Stories of 2015

As PT’s Editorial Director Jim Callari wrote earlier this year: recycling is here to stay.

RECYCLING: The Importance of Quality-Assurance Testing for Recycled Materials

Consider investing in these tools to ensure your material makes the grade.

EXTRUSION: Managing Regrind

Reusing scrap is a necessary evil. But be aware of the negative impact scrap has on properties and extrusion efficiencies. Start by developing a regrind-usage program.

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Scrap Reclaim


Processors of all types try to avoid generating scrap, but when it is made it generally is re-used by putting it back into the process. Production (or post-industrial) scrap includes off-spec parts, sprues, edge trim from film and sheet, and the like. It is usually reduced in size by devices such as granulators, shredders and pulverizers, and re-fed into the processing machine.

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