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TESTING: Oxygen Permeation Instrument Reduces Test Times
Next-generation oxygen permeation test system with enhanced features. More (+)
How to Get Better MFI Test Results
It's the most common materials-property test performed by processors and resin suppliers alike, but it is susceptible to multiple sources of error. More (+)
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Color & Appearance Testing

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Melt Flow Rate Testing—Part 9

Understanding the value of melt-volume rate.

Color Pioneer Charvat Dies

Long-time SPE member, teacher and consultant.

TESTING: Enhanced Moisture Analyzer for Lab & Plant Floor

New moisture analyzer boasts enhanced connectivity for easy data transfer.

APPLICATION: Optical Sorter Boosts CarbonLite's RPET Quality

An Buhler Sortex optical sorting system is optimized for RPET bottling operation.

Melt Flow Rate Testing–Part 8

Here are the steps to take in cases where the MFR is not provided by the polymer supplier.

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Testing & Quality Control


There are a wide variety of instruments used to maintain part quality in processing. Materials companies and compounders typically use rheometers, tensile testers and other laboratory instruments that help predict how its material will behave in the real world once it is made into a part. Compounders and processors alike rely on color-matching and formulation devices to keep quality consistent.

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