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April’s Index: 48.2
Larger plants doing much better. Capital spending plans jump. More (+)
What Does It Take To Take on the World?
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Reunion Party Celebrates World’s First Thermoformer

In one room, several centuries of experience at the granddaddy of all thermoformers.

March 2016 Index: 52.8

Processing business index registers growth for first time in 10 months.

Reshoring Trend: Fading or Going Strong?

One study says it’s over, another source says it still has legs.

February’s Index—49.6

Processing market at highest level since last April.

HEATING/COOLING: New Energy-Saving Way To Prevent Mold Condensation

'Waterless' mold dehumidification.

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In this process, plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature then shaped into a part by a male and female mold with the help of a vacuum. Thermoforming can be categorized into thin- and thick-gauge. The former is for packaging applications such cups, trays, lids and clamshells. Thick-gauge thermoformed parts include refrigerator door liners and truck-bed liners.

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