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THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Faster cycles and the ability to form bigger surfaces add up to higher productivity. More (+)
THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Electric-servo machine boasts higher speeds and larger forming area. More (+)


Thermoformer’s Name Change Reflects Refocused Strategy

New identity highlights processor’s focus on technology, product quality, and food safety.

Packaging Processors Combine

Two processors serving the container market unite.

Granulate or Shred: Which Makes Sense for You?

That is the size-reduction question confronting many processors today. Look here for some guidance.

How Many of Your Employees Stick Around This Long?

A toolmaker celebrates 50 years at a custom thermoformer.

Mid-Size Thermoformer Uses High-End CAD Tools

Dordan has found it important to develop a stepping-stone between concept and reality when it comes to communicating a packaging concept’s form and function to the customer.

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In this process, plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature then shaped into a part by a male and female mold with the help of a vacuum. Thermoforming can be categorized into thin- and thick-gauge. The former is for packaging applications such cups, trays, lids and clamshells. Thick-gauge thermoformed parts include refrigerator door liners and truck-bed liners.

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Product Announcements

THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Kiefel Technologies, Inc. 7/29/2014
THERMOFORMING: Fast, Flexible Pressure Former
Kiefel Technologies, Inc. 7/21/2014
MATERIALS: PC Sheet Products Tailored for Passenger Railcars
Bayer MaterialScience LLC 9/30/2013
MATERIALS: High-Performance Multi-Layer TPO/Acrylic Sheet
THERMOFORMING: High-Speed Robot Stacker
GN Thermoforming Equipment 2/26/2013

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