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Processing Market Flattens
Processing has grown significantly since the beginning of 2014, but April dipped 11% on a year-to-year basis. More (+)


THERMOFORMING AT NPE: Formers & Trim Presses Get A Comprehensive Makeover

Operating efficiency, flexibility, and fast changeovers were the big themes in new equipment at the show.

Global Processors Establishing U.S. Footprint

Two major international processors establish plants in central Pennsylvania to serve the U.S. market.

What’s Your Company Worth?

Most processors might not really know. Here, an expert offers her insights at a time when M&A activity is growing.

Milan Plast Was Good With Plans To Be Even Better

Big international turnout at the triennial international fair for the plastics and rubber industry, Milan Plast: check out the Plastics Technology slideshow.

Processors’ Growth Returns

After a one-month dip, the market expands once more, though the rate has slowed.

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In this process, plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature then shaped into a part by a male and female mold with the help of a vacuum. Thermoforming can be categorized into thin- and thick-gauge. The former is for packaging applications such cups, trays, lids and clamshells. Thick-gauge thermoformed parts include refrigerator door liners and truck-bed liners.

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