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Bales Metal Surface Solutions Diamond EN EN Coating Protects Tooling from Wear
Bales Metal Surface Solutions’ Diamond EN electroless nickel coating incorporates diamond particles into the electroless nickel for increased durability, protecting tooling from wear. More (+)
DME MoldXChecker Simplified Multimeter Speeds Hot Half Testing
DME’s MoldXChecker is designed test the hot half of a mold faster and more reliably than the traditional method of multimeter testing, which requires touching each terminal. More (+)


Drier Rust Preventatives Don’t Cause Bleed-Through
MoldMaking Technology

Available from PCS Co. are The Defender, a semi-dry, all-purpose rust preventative, and Mold Guard Green, a dry rust preventative, both of which are tinted green for visibility when applied to a mold.

Switch Manufacturer Saves Big With 3D Printed Plastic Molds

Inkjet-printed ABS molds produce functional prototypes in ASA, PC, and TPE.

Disposable Cleaning Towels Cut Through Industrial Residue
MoldMaking Technology

Slide Products’ Mold & Metal Wipes disposable industrial-strength cleaning towels are formulated to quickly remove tough contaminants, residue and grime from molds and other surfaces.

BLOW MOLDING: Injection-Blow Machine With Rotary Platen at K 2016

Injection machine converted to injection-blow.

New Use of Induction Heating in Composite Overmolding at K 2016

Induction heats the organosheet in the mold, as well as the injection mold itself.

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Molds & Tooling


Used in all processes to give the melted plastic its final shape. The terms mold and tool generally refer to parts produced via injection or blow molding. Molds are generally made of tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys. Mold components consists of components such as mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. From this zone you can link to information on mold maintenance, mold simulation and CAD/CAM.

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