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WELDING: Optional Module Simplifies Work Cells In Plastics Welding
At NPE 2015, Dukane will show an optional module that significantly simplifies work cell configuration in plastics welding processes. More (+)
WELDING: Ultrasonic Stepper Motor Welder With Touch-Panel Technology
Debuting at NPE 2015 is the new Sonics & Materials ultrasonic stepper motor welder featuring a unified controller and power supply. More (+)

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WELDING: Functional Integration On Demonstration

Herrmann UItrasonics will showcase live demonstrations of the welding process by interlinking of several production steps.

WELDING: Servo Ultrasonic Welding in a Self-Contained Unit

Dukane will have a new fully-integrated servo ultrasonic welder that addresses the need for 'out-of-box, plug-and-play' units at NPE 2015.

WELDING: Infrared Welding Systems

Two new design sizes round out Frimo's line of infrared welding systems.

Servo Welder Gives Molder More Control

Applications that require near-hermetic seals are now easily achieved by this electronic contract manufacturer.

Ford Recognizes Extol in SPE Automotive Innovation Awards

Cited for hot-plate weld tooling used to make glove box.

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Welding, Bonding & Assembly


Processors can expand their capabilities by offering post-production services such as part joining. There are various methods to join plastic subassemblies, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding and mechanical fastening.

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