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Ford Recognizes Extol in SPE Automotive Innovation Awards
Cited for hot-plate weld tooling used to make glove box. More (+)
WELDING: New Ultrasonic Sealing Options for Flexible Packaging
Rinco has been awarded U.S. patents for new ultrasonic sealing technology for flexible packaging. More (+)

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WELDING: Fast Servo Spin Welder For Small Parts

Runs at up to 7000 rpm and positions part halves within 1.0 degree.

WELDING: Micro Welder For Small Resistance Welding Applications

Miyachi's micro welder is well suited for small applications in the electronic component and battery pack markets.

WELDING: Ultrasonic Welders For Low-Power Applications

The latest series of Branson ultrasonic welders are targeted to low-power applications.

How Pre-Loaded Ultrasonic Welders Save Time in Automated Assembly

Pre-loaded assembly systems mounted on a robot arm are a relatively new, time-saving concept in ultrasonic welding that maintains precision and process repeatability.

BONDING: Structural Adhesive for Polyolefins

A new adhesive for polyolefins presents a bonding alternative to mechanical assembly, heat/vibration welding, or solvent welding.

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Welding, Bonding & Assembly


Processors can expand their capabilities by offering post-production services such as part joining. There are various methods to join plastic subassemblies, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding and mechanical fastening.

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