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BONDING: Structural Adhesive for Polyolefins
A new adhesive for polyolefins presents a bonding alternative to mechanical assembly, heat/vibration welding, or solvent welding. More (+)
WELDING: Low-Force Ultrasonic Welder for the Smallest Mechanical Precision Parts
Low-force version of ultrasonic welder can achieve repeatable welds with low welding forces down to 5 N. More (+)

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ASSEMBLY: New Welders for Tiny or Massive Parts at K 2013

Three German companies with North American presence will present their latest developments in laser, high-frequency, and infrared welding.

News in Medical Tubing & Materials

Two innovations in medical tubing and more than a dozen new materials, coatings, and adhesives were on display at June’s Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East show in Philadelphia.

How to Select a Plastics Assembly Process

To make the proper choice, each application must be considered on its own. Each has its own particular characteristics and requirements.

Novel Materials Stretch Process Capabilities

The potential for new or unusual materials to broaden the application potential of standard plastics processes was explored in a number of papers at April’s SPE ANTEC conference in Orlando, Fla.

Laser-Transparent PBT in Novel Air-Flap Control Unit

WEB EXCLUSIVE: A 20% glass-reinforced grade of Ultradur LUX laser-transparent PBT resin from BASF is being used for the housing cover of a novel air-flap control actuator developed jointly by Germany’s Tier 1 supplier Rochling Automotive and motor developer Precision Motors Duetche Minebea.

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Welding, Bonding & Assembly


Processors can expand their capabilities by offering post-production services such as part joining. There are various methods to join plastic subassemblies, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, vibration welding, hot plate welding and mechanical fastening.

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