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PUBLISHED: 8/21/2018

Materials: High-Heat Glass-Reinforced Nylon 66 Compounds Outperform Comparable Nylon 66

Teknor’s new Creamis 240H7.5 can replace costly specialty polymers like PPA.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2018

Welding: Advanced Ultrasonic Servo Presses

MS Ultrasonic Group’s new family of welders features an integrated servo drive and patented technology.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2018

Materials: Heat-Resistant Biodegradable PLA Compound

FKuR’s optimized PLA compound boasts efficient processing.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2018

Materials: Marine Biodegradable Bioplastic Compound

BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ MB biodegrades within a year in marine environments.

PUBLISHED: 8/20/2018

Material Handling: Truck-Fill Line Prevents Silo-Filling Errors

New truck-fill line-proofing system prevents material mix-ups by remotely locking access to silo-fill lines so only the correct line can connect.

PUBLISHED: 8/15/2018

Hot Runners: Single Valve Gate System Features Compact Profile

By doubling as a locating ring and housing all the mechanics internally, a new valve-gate system greatly reduces mold-height requirements.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2018

Material Handling: Manage Bulk-Resin Storage for 30 Silos on One Touchscreen

New Railcar Unloading Controller manages railcar unloading, silo selection, material routing, and silo filling from one control inside the building.

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2018

Materials Handling: Larger Sizes of Economical Loaders

Wittmann Battenfeld adds larger sizes of Feedmax basic economical vacuum loaders/receivers.

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2018

Hot Runners: Pre-Assembled, Pre-Wired Hot Runners Offer Installation Without Pre-heating

Hot runner system’s nozzles promise a consistent thermal profile and wide molding window without the risk of polymer leakage or accidental cold condition starting.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2018

Material Handling: Miniature Central Vacuum Loads Up to Eight Machines

Vacuum conveying system combines the powerful vacuum pump, dust collector and PLC-based touchscreen control of a larger system with a compact and portable design.

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