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PUBLISHED: 1/8/2019

Extrusion: Versatile Mixer Can Also Extrude Strands

Turnkey system is mounted on a common bench and supplied with two vessels: one for mixing and one for extrusion.

PUBLISHED: 1/8/2019

Extrusion: Compact Extruder Is Potent, Energy Efficient

Small-footprint machine reportedly uses up to 95% less energy/lb of material processed and can typically achieve dimensionally stable product within 20 min. of being turned on.

PUBLISHED: 12/20/2018

Materials: Broad Range of New PLA Bioplastics to Fortify Global Market

Total Corbion PLA’s new production plant is up and running.

PUBLISHED: 12/20/2018

Materials: Enhanced Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant Nylon 66 Family

Solvay’s new generation Technyl One is designed for smart meters and circuit breakers for digital cities.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2018

Materials: TPEs for IV Therapy, Medical Devices, Packaging Components

Colorite boosts specialty TPE compounds portfolio.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2018

Materials: 'Cryogenics' Polymer for Energy Industry

High-performance PEEK Victrex CT200 targeted to dynamic sealing applications in the storage and transportation of gases at extremely low (cryogenics) temperatures.

PUBLISHED: 12/11/2018

Automation: Strong Vacuum Gripper for Cobots

Piab piCOBOT gripper fits all types of cobots.

PUBLISHED: 12/11/2018

Automation: Compact, Lightweight Cobot

ABB introduces a more compact, single-arm version of its double-arm YuMi cobot.

PUBLISHED: 12/11/2018

Automation: Cobots Get Upgrades in Control & Precision

Universal Robots’ new e-Series cobots have tighter repeatability plus force control.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2018

Tooling: New Safety Couplings for Mold Cooling Lines

Hasco’s new couplings have an automatic safety lock.

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