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PUBLISHED: 5/10/2019

Heating/Cooling: Sanitary Chillers, TCUs For Clean Rooms

Mokon’s new Pura-therm line includes cleanroom-ready chillers, TCUs and combination units.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2019

Blow Molding: Interchangeable Mold Inserts For Flexible PET Bottle Molding

Change PET bottle size and shape easily with bottle mold inserts from PET engineering.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2019

Injection Molding: Two-Platen Vertical Press Has Lower Mold Table

Mold table at waist height instead of shoulder height is more ergonomically efficient.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2019

Injection Molding: New Line of Servohydraulic Toggles, Designed in U.S., Built in China

Calypso Machinery enlisted a Chinese manufacturing partner to build machines for North America.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2019

Injection Molding: Now Mold Microcellular Foams with a Standard Screw & Barrel

Trexel’s new Tip Dosing Module cuts cost and boosts performance by eliminating the special screw and barrel for MuCell foaming.

PUBLISHED: 5/9/2019

Heating/Cooling: Temperature Control Unit Meets New Energy Conservation Standards

New temperature control unit satisfies Department of Energy (DOE) 2020 conservation standards, with higher outputs from less energy consumption.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2019

Materials: PC, ABS and Blends with Up to 50% Recycled Content for Broad Range of Applications

Star Plastics’ new ReStart product line boasts a sustainable materials solution that delivers quality parts and reduced waste.

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2019

Material Handling: Discharger Pierces Single-Use Bags to Boost Productivity

Allows feeding of downstream processes at ultra-high rates.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2019

Size Reduction: Less Noise and Less Energy For Screenless Granulator

Redesigned low-speed screenless granulators feature improvements designed from the inside out, including staggered cutters for more consistent regrind using less energy.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2019

Film/Sheet: Web Gauging Products for Sheet, Film

New series of new web-gauging product to boost film and sheet quality.   

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