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PUBLISHED: 8/7/2019

Additives: Novel Non-Phthalate Plasticizers for Flexible PVC

Valtris launches new biobased and fast-fusing phthalate plasticizers.

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2019

Materials: New Generation of TPVs for Corner Mold Automotive Seals

DuPont’s advanced silicone additives enable next-generation of ExxonMobil’s Santoprene TPVs with better bonding to EPDM and low COF for easy operation of doors, windows.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2019

Hot Runners: System Targets Dust Reduction in PET Preform Molds

MHT and university researchers developed a new hot runner specifically for PET preforms that is said to greatly reduce dust formation and will launch at K 2019.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2019

Drying: Compressed Air Dryers Reuse Process Air to Boost Efficiency

Compressed air dryers capture dry blower air from extrusion blow molding process for greater efficiency.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2019

Recycling: Large Single-Shaft Shredders for Bulky, Tear-Resistant Objects

 New at K 2019 is the modified Weima WAP gearbox.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2019

Hot Runners: Multi-Tip Nozzle For Vertical Gating, Process Monitoring and LSR Cold Runner

At K 2019, Ewikon will unveil a new nozzle range for vertical multi gating, process monitoring tech and a cold runner for LSR molding.

PUBLISHED: 8/6/2019

Testing: High-Precision Thickness & Dimensional Measurement System for Plastic Containers

At K 2019, Agr will display several new product developments including a brand new lab measurement system for plastic containers.

PUBLISHED: 8/5/2019

Testing: Compact CMM Machine Operates Without Compressed Air

Mitutoyo America’s MiStar 555 CNC Shop Floor CMM is designed for high-speed, high-accuracy measurements. 

PUBLISHED: 8/5/2019

Testing: Offline Optical Inspection System Detects Color Deviations of Plastic Pellets

At K 2019, Sikora will feature its new Purity Concept V inspection system said to be ideal for quality assurance of incoming pellets.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2019

Recycling: Friction Washer, Bottle-to-Bottle Packaging Application

Amut is presenting plenty of new recycling technology at K2019. 

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