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PUBLISHED: 1/22/2018

Extrusion: Quick-Change Manual Screen Changer

Quick-change mechanism reduces by 50% the force required for switching screens on an extrusion line.

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2018

Material Handling: Screw Conveyor Goes Mobile, Adds Trough Hopper

Two new models of flexible screw conveyors are available from Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2018

Compounding: Custom-Designed Process Vessels

Agitator shaft utilizes a mechanical seal running in an oil bath. 

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2018

Decorating/Printing: Versatile Corona Treatment System

Said to improve the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive, and coating processes.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Injection Molding: ‘Value-Priced’ Servo-Hydraulic Toggle Presses from Taiwan

Asian Plastic Machinery’s new EV2 line is available here from Cincinnati Process Technologies.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Materials: New Nylon, PPA & PPS Grades For Water Management

DSM is going after water heating systems, water meters, sanitary products, appliances, and hot-water connectors.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Tooling: New Standard Mold Components

Stack-mold actuators and mold monitors stood out from the crowd of new mold components at Fakuma 2017 from Hasco, Meusburger, Haidlmair, and Progressive Components.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Automation: New Source & Capabilities For Collaborative Robots

Motoman introduces its first collaborative robot, and Rethink Robotics adds a first for cobots—a performance data dashboard.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Thermoforming: All-Servo Single-Station Former

Cannon’s new T-System is designed to be faster, more flexible, and more energy efficient than previous thermoformers.

PUBLISHED: 12/27/2017

Injection Molding: New Small 6-Axis Robot

Sepro introduces models from Yaskawa-Motoman for injection molding presses up to 500 tons.

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