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PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Extrusion: Software Simulates Extrudate Cooling and Shrinkage

Eliminates need for processors to purchase two separate software packages for simulating the flow inside the die and for predicting the extrudate cooling.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Thermoforming: New Form, Cut, Stack Former for Medium-Volume Production

Targets packaging for the food, medical, and industrial markets.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Thermoforming: Buffering, Unloading Station

Unit can be added on to machines from various suppliers.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2019

Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printer Runs Eight Times Faster Than Others

High-speed extruder-based system processes free-flowing, cost-effective standard plastic granulate.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2019

Tooling: System Clears & Prevents Rust in Cooling Lines

The mobile pump/filter unit cleans molds’ internal cooling passages with an eco-friendly rust remover and preventative.

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2019

Heating/Cooling: Modular Line Eases Expansion, Applies Free Cooling

Water-cooled chillers range from 25 to 139 tons and can run in parallel or series configuration. 

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2019

Heating/Cooling: Hybrid Chiller Cuts Energy, Refrigerant Use

Hybrid film evaporator chiller reportedly reduces energy use by 34% and uses less refrigerant than competitive flooded chillers.

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2019

Materials: Flexible PVC for Building Product Seals Forms Strong Bond to Rigid PVC

Apex 2310UV2 and 2316UV2 PVC compounds from Teknor Apex are UV- and fungus-resistant.

PUBLISHED: 2/19/2019

Materials: Styrenic TPE for Medical Tubing Applications

Ineos Styrolution’s new Styroflex 4G80 comes with the company’s Essential HD Package (risk class 1 & 2).

PUBLISHED: 2/15/2019

Materials: Advances in PC-Based Composites

Covestro is moving ahead on a couple of fronts to advance its offerings in polycarbonate composites.

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