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PUBLISHED: 8/25/2016

TOOLING: News in Hot Runners at K 2016

New 'micro-manifold' among the product introductions.

PUBLISHED: 5/29/2016

INJECTION MOLDING: Brass Replacement Heaters for Hot-Runner Nozzles

Direct replacements for all OEM nozzle heaters.

PUBLISHED: 10/23/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Nozzle Heaters Get More Compact Clamping Mechanism

Easier to work with in confined spaces.

PUBLISHED: 9/28/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: New Controls for Hot Runners, Auxiliary Injectors

Adaptive auto-tuning control of heaters and servomotors.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Controller With Touchscreen

Controls up to 128 zones.

PUBLISHED: 3/31/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: New Premium Hot-Runner Line

All-stainless and cleanroom-ready.

PUBLISHED: 3/31/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Valve-Gate Pin-Speed Programmer

Prevent melt hesitation and air entrapment.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: New Valve-Gate Controls And Actuators at NPE

More choices for total control of valve-pin movement.

PUBLISHED: 1/27/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Multi-Tip Hot-Runner Nozzles For Tubular Parts

Designed for balanced filling without core bending.

PUBLISHED: 12/29/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Pre-Engineered Hot Runners for Economy, Fast Delivery

Standard manifold systems in a wide range of configurations.

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