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PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

Electric Valve Gate Is Four Times Faster

A new electric valve-gate actuator is said to move the pins four times faster than conventional designs.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

Nano Nozzles for Ultra-Small Parts

Molding very small parts with engineering resins such as nylon or PBT is the target of the new Nano nozzles from PSG Plastic Service Group Inc., Stevensville, Mich.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

New Source of Valve Gates

Hydraulic or pneumatic valve-gate designs will soon be added to a new line of hot-runner nozzles that are said to improve heat transfer through the nozzle body and into the tip and minimize heat loss to the mold.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

Valve-Gate Nozzles Now Have Internal Mixer

UltraFlow hot-runner nozzles that have an internal mixing system that speeds color changes are now available in valve-gate designs (as well as earlier hot-tip versions) from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2008

PET Preform Tooling Raises Productivity

A new PET preform mold that reportedly improves quality and lowers cycle time comes from MHT America, Inc., Woodbridge, Va.

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2007

Hot-Runner Nozzle Heater Is Precise and Uniform

New Thermasleeve external nozzle heaters from Watlow, St.

PUBLISHED: 11/1/2007

Hot Runners for Crate Molders

A new hot-runner system is designed specifically for crate molders, who often use recycled materials that may contain contaminants.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2007

New Tunnel Gates Ensure High Part Surface Quality

A new line of tunnel gates designed to ensure high part surface quality comes from Hasco America Inc., Arden, N.C.

PUBLISHED: 9/1/2007

New Mold Components to Debut at K 2007

Several new injection mold components have been introduced by D-M-E Co., Madison Heights, Mich., and will also be highlighted at the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf next month: Off-the-shelf packages of helicalgear devices for stack-mold centering that si...

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2007

Valve-Gate Controller For Small Parts

New valve-gate controllers for small precision parts use solid-state timers and relays for cost savings and increased operating durability.

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