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PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Production Monitoring System Built for Simplicity, Affordability

Designed by and for injection molders, the Smart Attend system makes real-time production monitoring practical even for small shops.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

New Foaming Technology for Thin-Wall Parts

Trexel’s new MuCell P-Series nitrogen dosing equipment enables greater lightweighting of thin-wall packaging than ever possible before.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

RJG Demos of Hardware & Software Daily

In its booth and at separate presentations, RJG will demonstrate its training and process monitoring offerings at NPE2018.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Resin-Specific Injection Screws & LSR Conversion Kit

Zeiger Industries shows a Plug-n-Play LSR conversion kit and screws designed and built of special materials for specific engineering resins, especially reinforced grades.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Molding Foam with a Smooth Surface

Three lines of Yizumi HPM presses are new adapted for the U.S. market. A large, two-platen model is molding MuCell foam with a hot/cold mold process.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Large Medium-Pressure Press with Inline Compounding Option

An 800-ton, two-stage press with medium-pressure capability for either solid injection molding or structural foam also offers an inline compounding option for the fixed extruder.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Nissei Shows a Variety of Energy-Saving Presses

Nissei of Japan brings its latest all-electric and servo-hydraulic injection machines to NPE.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

New Self-Contained Micromolding System

Enclosed micromolding cell injects parts down to 0.001 g.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Novel Injection Unit With In-Line Screw/Plunger

New injection-unit concept is meant to solve long-standing limitations of conventional reciprocating screws, at lower cost than existing screw/plunger systems.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Husky Highlights PET Preform & Hot-Runner Technologies

HyPET 225 system for injection molding PET preforms and its multi-layer co-injection technology featured. 

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