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PUBLISHED: 7/15/2014

TESTING: Non-Contact Video Extensometer For Tensile Testing Of Plastics

Imetrum's Video-Gauge is claimed to be the first non-contact extensometer that can test tensile properties pf plastics to exact ASTM and ISO requirements.

PUBLISHED: 7/15/2014

TESTING: "Intelligent" Rheometer Responds To Individual QC Demands

Thermo Scientific's new rheometer can be adapted to an individual's measurement routines and conditions.

PUBLISHED: 7/2/2014

TESTING: One Sensor Inspects Roughness and Waviness

New roughness sensor boasts improved measuring productivity, reliable and fully-automatic measuring runs, and a common record of data.

PUBLISHED: 4/30/2014

TESTING: Spectrophotometer Specially Designed for Automotive

Datacolor's new hand-held spectrophotometer offers digital color communication for the automotive supply chain.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2014

TESTING: Oxygen Permeation Instrument Reduces Test Times

Next-generation oxygen permeation test system with enhanced features.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2014

TESTING: Enhanced Moisture Analyzer for Lab & Plant Floor

New moisture analyzer boasts enhanced connectivity for easy data transfer.

PUBLISHED: 1/28/2014

TESTING: Datacolor Launches New Family of Handheld Spectrophotometers

Top notch repeatability and inter-instrument agreement is claimed for Datacolor's new handheld spectrophotometers.

PUBLISHED: 1/9/2014

TESTING: Handheld Surface Analyzer for the Shop Floor

This instrument can determine the wetting properties of a surface and provide a number that correlates to cleanliness, treatment level, and adhesion of a surface in seconds.

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2013

TESTING/QC: Melt Indexers & Bottle Inspector

At K 2013, Germany’s Zwick/Roell (U.S. office in Kennesaw, Ga.) will exhibit its Xflow series of extrusion plastometers, and AGR International will show its Opti-Check vision inspection system.

PUBLISHED: 1/29/2013

AUXILIARIES: CMM & Vision Systems Packaged with Free ‘Extras’

Mitutoyo America Corp., Aurora, Ill., announces a new program that allows users to “package” certain coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and vision systems with related equipment and service packages at no extra cost over the base price...

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