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PUBLISHED: 2/1/2012

TOOLING: Mold-Maintenance Chemicals Free of Chlorinated Solvents

Slide Products, Wheeling, Ill., has eliminated chlorinated solvents from its entire line of mold releases, mold cleaners, lubricants, rust preventives, and purging compounds, helping molders to provide safer work environment and lowering their costs...

PUBLISHED: 12/28/2011

INJECTION MOLDING: Higher Performance Mold Evacuation

CAE Services Corp., Batavia, Ill., has introduced Mold-Vac 20,000, the highest performance model in its line of mold-evacuation systems for injection molding.

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2011

INJECTION MOLDING: Automated Mold Changer Integrated with Press Controls

Engel Machinery Inc., York, Pa., is offering its first automatic mold-changing system with a controller utilizing the company’s CC 200 press control.

PUBLISHED: 10/5/2011

TOOLING: Roundness/Cylindricity Measurement

The new Roundtest RA-H5200 Series roundness/cylindricity measurement system from Mitutoyo America Corp, Aurora, Ill. is said to be both accurate and flexible.

PUBLISHED: 9/29/2011

INJECTION MOLDING: Multicomponent Molding Plus Advanced In-Mold Assembly

An advanced injection system for molding and assembling multiple components in one machine and mold will be demonstrated at the Fakuma show in Germany later this month.

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2011

INJECTION MOLDING: Smaller Hot-Runner Pitch And Two-Piece Edge Gates

Smallest flat line nozzle allows cavity spacing of 5.5 mm.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2011

TOOLING: Rust Preventive Is Food Approved

Reportedly neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-cleaning and self-healing.

PUBLISHED: 4/26/2011

TOOLING: New Mold Components at Amerimold Show

A number of new mold components were shown at last month’s Amerimold expo in Rosemont, Ill., sponsored by Gardner Publications, publisher of Plastics Technology and Moldmaking Technology magazines.

PUBLISHED: 4/26/2011

TOOLING: Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum for Molds

Alpase Inc., Downey, Calif., is now offering M-5 aluminum mold plate using standard 5000 series aluminum alloy.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2010

Plug-'N-Play Hot-Runner Systems for Small Parts

Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass., has two new hot-runner products: Model 06E threaded/screw-fit nozzle and model PNC30 pneumatic bolt-on actuator for valve gates.

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