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PUBLISHED: 4/1/2010

Ruse Preventive Won't Mark Molded Parts

A new rust preventive from Slide Products, Wheeling, Ill., delivers a dry mist that does not penetrate into moving mold components like ejector pins holes, slides, and cams.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2010

Fast Hot-Runner Controller

A new hot-runner temperature controller for 2 to 128 zones boasts very fast scanning and fuzzy logic for accuracy to 0.1° C without overshooting.

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2010

Lots of Hot-Runner News

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Several suppliers of hot-runner nozzles and controls have come out with new or enhanced products in the last few months.

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2010

Store All Your Mold Data Right on the Mold

WEB EXCLUSIVE: RedE Vault is a USB flash drive with a “virtually indestructible” and a screw fastener to allow it to be attached to a mold base.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2010

Two-Piece Edge-Gate Nozzles Are More Versatile

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Star-Line edge-gate nozzles with one to eight tips now come in a two-piece design with a body and crown.

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2009

Molds for PET Preforms

WEB EXCLUSIVE: In November, we incorrectly reported that Mold-Masters Ltd., Georgetown, Ont., had introduced at the NPE show complete hot halves for PET preforms with up to six drops.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2009

Mold Maintenance Training Center Opens in Ohio

One of the industry’s “best kept secrets” was the opening in March of the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center in Ashland, Ohio, says Steve Johnson, operations manager.

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2009

Stepper Motors Drive Valve Gates

A new line of hot-runner valve gates is driven by an electric stepper motor rather than hydraulics.

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2009

Vision System for Mold Protection

WEB EXCLUSIVE A vision inspection system introduced late last year protects molds by detecting errors in real time.

PUBLISHED: 6/1/2009

Valve Gate Series for All Types of Resins

A new series of hot-runner valve gates for use with abrasive compounds, semi-crystalline engineering resins, and general-purpose thermoplastics comes from Manner International LP, Lawrenceville, Ga.

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