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Published: 10/24/2014

How Currier Puts the ‘Custom’ In Custom Blow Molding
The three key ingredients are responsiveness, full-service product development, and control over both the bottle and the cap.

Published: 8/26/2014

B&B Molders Sticks to Its Core— Core Values & Core Competencies
To compete in today’s market, you need good technology, but you also need to know what you stand for and what you’re good at.

Published: 2/25/2014

Additive Manufacturing: Materials for ‘Real-World’ Parts
Developments in materials have helped pave the way for processors to make ‘real world’ parts from what is collectively known as 3D printing. Here’s a comprehensive review of the materials available.

Published: 1/9/2014

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: Slew of New Developments in Materials, Equipment
Three companies unveiled new developments in additive manufacturing and prototyping as 2013 came to a close, a testament to this technology's vibrant growth.

Published: 11/25/2013

Headlines from the K 2013 Show
Here’s just a taste of the innovations on display, a selection of the top headlines not covered in our September show preview.

Published: 10/24/2013

Rapid Tooling Enables ‘Quick Manufacturing’
Custom molder Harbec explores new and unconventional methods of moldmaking to provide a competitive edge for its $15 million molding business.

Published: 8/28/2012

TPU Powders for SLS Prototyping & Manufacturing
Germany’s Bayer MaterialScience (U.S. office in Pittsburgh) and Solid Composites GmbH have partnered to develop TPU powders for SLS (selective laser sintering), a digital rapid-prototyping and additive-manufacturing method for fabricating 3D s...

Published: 3/1/2009

Additive Manufacturing: New Capabilities for Rapid Prototypes And Production Parts
Many plastics processors are just starting to become familiar with the terms “additive manufacturing” or “additive fabrication,” which refer to a group of processes that build up parts by successively adding material, often i...

Published: 8/1/2004

3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping
Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers.

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