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Published: 7/30/2013

First Biobased PBT Production Under Way
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Lanxess in Germany recently made a production run of Pocan PBT using 20 metric tons of biobased BDO (1,4-butanediol) made with the commercially-proven process developed by San Diego-based Genomatica.

Published: 6/25/2013

Braskem Adds ‘Green’ LDPE and PE Cap Resin for Carbonated Beverages
LDPE derived from sugarcane ethanol.

Published: 6/25/2013

Modifying PVC with Bio-Based PHA Rubber
A new class of renewable and very efficient multifunctional modifiers for PVC has been developed at Metabolix. This series of biobased PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) copolymers offers toughening, plasticization, and improved processing of all types of P...

Published: 5/28/2013

New Economical Pathway to Bio-PET
Micromidas, Inc. of W.

Published: 5/1/2013

Compostable Drinking Straws from PLA
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A proprietary PLA-based bioplastic from Cereplast, Inc., El Segundo, Calif., is being used in new compostable drinking straws sold under the Cello-Green Bio Straws brand by Cell-O-Core Co., Wadsworth, Ohio.

Published: 5/1/2013

New Firm Offers PVC Compounds Free of Phthalates & Heavy Metals
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Axiall Corp., Atlanta, the new company that resulted earlier this year from the merger or Georgia Gulf and PPG Industries’ commodities chemicals business, has developed flexible and rigid PVC compounds that replace phthalates an...

Published: 5/1/2013

New Nylons Produced with 100% Renewable Monomer
WEB EXCLUSIVE: China’s Cathay Industrial Biotech (U.S. office in Powell, Ohio) has developed a new line of nylons produced with a novel, proprietary technology that produces 1,5-pentane diamine monomer from sugar cane, making it 100% renewable...

Published: 4/29/2013

Conveying, Drying, Crystallizing PLA : The Energy-Saving Packaging Solution
When the new industry term “bioresins” hit the plastics community in the early 2000s, polylactic acid (PLA ) made its way to the top of the list in a class of new plant-based materials.

Published: 4/11/2013

Cereplast Forms Subsidiary for Algae-Based Bioplastics
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Algaeplast is a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Cereplast, Inc., El Segundo, Calif., a maker of compostable and other biobased compounds.

Published: 3/28/2013

New Option for No-Dry PET, PLA Sheet
New twin-screw system is based on a conical design.