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Published: 7/1/2014

Injection Molding: Incoe Moves Into Expanded European HQ; Boosts China Presence
Hot runner supplier Incoe has moved into its newly built European headquarters in Rödermark, Germany, just months after announcing a doubling of capacity at its Shanghai facility.

Published: 6/17/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Controller Has Folding Touchscreen
Controller for up to 48 zones has 5.7-in. screen.

Published: 5/27/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Manifolds & Controls Debut at Chinaplas
Easy-to-install manifold and smarter controls at Chinese fair.

Published: 4/25/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Valve Gating Without Knit Lines
New nozzles promise better part appearance and strength.

Published: 4/23/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Flexible Hot-Runner Control Module
Single-zone temperature controller offers sophisticated features.

Published: 3/24/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: Compact, Self-Contained Single Valve Gate
It's unusually compact because it all fits within the locating ring.

Published: 3/24/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: First 7-Component Mold System For Toothbrushes
In two stations, four materials are injected in six colors.

Published: 1/3/2014

INJECTION MOLDING: More Compact Hydraulics For Hot-Runner Valve Gates
Incoe Corp. introduced HEM miniature hydraulics to actuate valve-gate systems at the recent Euromold 2013 show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Published: 10/24/2013

INJECTION MOLDING: New Hot-Runner Technology for PET Preforms
Mold-Masters presents several new hot-runner developments for PET preform molding at Drinktec.

Published: 10/24/2013

INJECTION MOLDING: New Hot-Runner Controller, Upgraded Closure & Preform Machines
Husky unveils new member of its Altanium hot-runner controls family, and makes U.S. debut of an enhanced cap-molding system.